Sprouts and Vegetables stuffed Sandwich Idli

Sprouts and Vegetables stuffed Sandwich Idli

Sandwich idlis are packed with the goodness of vegetables and nourishing idlis. Idlis are made with fermented rice and black gram. Fermentation makes them more iron and vitamin rich. They are gluten free, light and soothing on your stomach. Here’s to healthy and delicious eating.

Preparation Time : 8 to 10 Hours

Cooking Time : 25 Minute

Servings : 26 Idlis


  • For Idli
    • Urad Dal  1 cup
    • Idli Rava  2 cups
    • Fenugreek Seeds  1 tbsp
    • Baking Soda  1/2 tsp
    • Salt  to taste
  • For Stuffings
    • cabbage  1 cup,shredded
    • Carrot  1 small, finely chopped or grated
    • Capsicum  1 / 2
    • Onion  1 / 2, finely chopped
    • Moong Sprouts  1 cup
    • Green Chillies 2, minced
    • Mustard  1 /2 tsp
    • Chana Dal  1 tsp
    • Urad Dal   1 tsp
    • Curry Leaves  2 sprigs
    • Asafoetida  1 / 4 tsp
    • Turmeric  1 /4 tsp
    • Red chilli Powder  1 tsp
    • Sambhar powder  2 tsp
    • Salt  to taste


  1. For Idli
    1. Soak urad dal along with fenugreek seeds for 2-3 hours
    2. Drain the urad dal, reserve the liquid and grind them into smooth paste
    3. Add idli rava along with the reserved liquid. Add some water if the batter appears thick. Make it little thin as rava absorbs some water.
    4. Keep it aside for fermenting in a warm place for 8-10 hours. Batter rises up after fermentation. Add salt and mix well
  2. For Stuffing
    1. Take oil in a pan, add mustard, let it crackle, then add chana dal, urad dal, curry leaves and asafoetida.
    2. Now add onions and green chilliies (optional) . Saute till onions are soft.
    3. Add chilli and turmeric powder. Saute for a while. Add vegetables and fry well.
    4. Add sprouts, sambhar powder, salt and toss. Do not overcook the sprouts.
    5. Transfer in a bowl.
  3. How To Proceed
    1. Add baking soda to the batter and mix. Pour a spoonful of batter on greased idli moulds.
    2. Spread a portion of stuffing on the batter. Press lightly with the help of back of the spoon.
    3.  Cover the filling with another spoonful of batter.
    4. Place it in your steamer and cook on medium flame for 10-12 minutes, if using a gas stove or microwave for 3 minutes. Allow them to cool for five minutes.
    5. Transfer the idlis in a serving plate and enjoy with your favourite chutney.



  1. I made this idli today and only change I made was I added chat masala and lemon juice and everyone loved it.


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