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Healthy, Soups & Snacks

Bottle Guard Fritters (Lauki Pakoda)


 These lightly spiced fritters made with grated bottle gourd and rice flour are great for kids who otherwise hate bottle gourd. These hot, crispy, crunchy and tasty fritters are perfect for rainy days. Bottle gourd contains less calories with no fat, promotes weight loss, helps digestion and treats constipation, provides […]


Fruit Sushi


 Fruit Sushi is very delicious, made with very few ingredients, easy to prepare and doesn’t require any cooking. It is always exciting to give a new avatar to the traditional food, a twist to the classic. In this recipe, the ever popular bengali dessert “sandesh” is stuffed with some fruits […]

Chutneys & Pickles

Mango and Kabuli Chana Pickle


 There are many different methods to prepare mango pickle. Here I am sharing my mother’s recipe of Mango and Kabuli Chana Pickle. This pickle is made with powdered spices and stored in mustard oil. No need to soak or pressure cook  the chanas as the juices released by grated mangoes […]


Mango Sago Pudding


 The best thing about summers are mangoes, the king of fruits. Mango Sago pudding is a Chinese dessert that consists of thickened mango shake with added cooked sago pearls. Its a healthy and filling recipe, good for kids. Makes a very tropical and summery treat! Try this fantastically easy recipe […]

Healthy, Main Course

Guava Curry


 Guavas has been hailed as one of the super fruits due to numerous health benefits it offers. Guavas are indeed a powerhouse of nutrients. This humble fruit is extraordinary rich in vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants that are beneficial for skin. They are diabetic friendly and treat constipation also. Without […]

Healthy, Smoothies and Drinks

Spinach Smoothie


 Low in calories and carbs, spinach is nutrient dense, overflowing with vitamins A, C and K, protein, magnesium and a whole lot of fibre. It has high amount of iron too. Bananas help you reach your weight loss goals, keep your bowels healthy, provide nutrients that regulate heart rhythm and […]

Breakfast, Soups & Snacks

Bread Kachori


 Snack foods are a significant aspect of Indian cuisine. When it comes to street food, India is one nation that is known worldwide for its scrumptious, cheap and tasty food. This crunchy treat is prepared by stuffing potato mixture between spinach puri and bread roundel and then deep frying them […]