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As I am very fond of cooking, I do lot of research on kitchen tools and equipments. Here I am sharing my own experiences as well as of my close friends’ and family members. The reviews are honest and unbiased. The reviews below are our personal opinion, also use your discretion to buy any product.

Pegion’s Handy Chopper –  This handy chopper is not only useful for small family but also perfect for bachelors and hostelers. The product is absolutely hassle free and easy to clean. It has three very sharp blades that cut onions (no more tears), tomatoes and greens. Want to to make methi parathas or salads, it saves both time and energy. The below link of Amazon will navigate you to the exact product we reviewed here.

Appam Pan –  Very nice product…good for cooking delicious appe. I have used this product in two of my recipes – potato basket and spinach noodle cutlet. Instead of deep frying these snacks, I have cooked them in appe pans which requires only traces of oil for cooking. Non stick coating is good because of which food doesn’t get burnt. Just go for it and experience yourself. Size of the pits are also appropriate. Smaller version is also available but making 12 appe at one go is really time saving. The product is a complete value for money. I have used Prestige’s appam pan but you can also consider Tossa’s Appam pan as it is cost effective and have 1300+ reviews from customers.

WonderChef Nutri-Blender Finally I got the product that is so fast, spill proof and so efficient. I am using this blender for past 4 months and fully satisfied. I have used it in all my smoothie recipes, broccoli soup and even in some curries for the usual onion ginger garlic paste. It can even crush a single peppercorn. It blends all the Indian chutneys and dips too well. A must have kitchen product for health conscious individuals looking to fuel their exceptionally busy lives. Cleaning is also hassle-free. After using , just put a drop of vim liquid and a glass of warm water, run it for few seconds and it is absolutely clean. The below link of Amazon will navigate you to the exact product we reviewed here

Signoraware Dhokla Maker –  No doubt Signoraware is a quality to trust. This product is perfect for a family of 4.  The product is really good value for money. I have used this product in my recipe green peas dhokla. It really saves lot of time – Dhokla is ready in just five minutes in microwave which otherwise takes around 12 minutes if steamed on gas stove. The below link of Amazon will navigate you to the product item we reviewed here

Wonder Chef Granite Cookware –  Very classy and elegant ; cooks fast as the lid fits in so well that it doesn’t allow the heat to escape. It has a small hole so that the extra steam escapes out and hence saves the curry from spilling out. Also, cooks in very less oil. Cleaning is very easy and no need to scrub it hard. I am using this product for last six months as you can see in most of my recipes and am completely satisfied with it.The nonstick coating is same how it was six months before. The below link of Amazon will navigate you to the product item we reviewed here

Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker –  For pressure cookers, hawkins is a brand that you can trust blindly. From my childhood days I have seen my mother using this brand and now I am also using it. Both quality and look wise, better than aluminium ones. Very strong and sturdy….can be used on induction as well as gas stove. Size is also appropriate for a family of four. This is nice tall and can accommodate cooker separator sets so that you can cook both rice and dal together. It really saves time during your busy morning schedule. The below link of Amazon will navigate you to the product item we reviewed here

Philips Airy Fryer – Got very positive reviews by my sis- in- law and am planning to buy it soon. A must have product for people who are fond of eating but are afraid of fried foods. Chicken, prawn and paneer starters come out really very well. You can even make bhindi fry and bake potato wedges. Good for making muffins or choco lava cake. An innovative and healthy way of cooking which requires very less or no oil at all.

LG Convecion Microwave (28 Litres) – I am using LG Convection Microwave (28 litres) for last two years and completely satisfied and also very dependent on it. Very good quality and the 28 l size is perfect for all types of cooking. I use it for cooking, steaming, blanching, baking, roasting and of course heating. You can also use it for fermenting dough and even set curd in much less time.
You can check my recipes of idlis, green peas dhokla, stuff potato and daliya upma. It comes with a start up kit but I usually prefer glasswares over plastics. I use only the idli maker. It saves lot of time and cooking is so hassle free that once you get used to it, I bet you will never like to do without it. A price-worthy product by LG.


Deals in Amazon –

                • Wonderchef Die-Cast Aluminium Casserole Set, 6-Pieces

              • Wonderchef Nutri blend 400-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder (50%) – I have bought this and you can read my feedback in the below section.

              • Prestige Marble Induction Base Non (56% Off)- Stick Aluminium Kadai Set

              • Tosaa Non-Stick Concave Tawa

            • Measuring Cup and Spoons (76 %)

            • Tossa 12 cavity appe pan (38 %) – Please scroll down to read my review on appe pan.

            • Prestige Mega Select Plus, set of 3 (45% off)

          1. Pegion Handy Chopper (36% Off) -I have written a review in the below section, please scroll down to check

        • Prestige Omega Deluxe Induction Base non-Stick [37% Off] – I have bought this product.


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