Healthy, Smoothies and Drinks

Coconut Cooler

This quick,single ingredient, easy and cheap drink is naturally refreshing and has a sweet , nutty taste. Coconut water are low in calories, cholesterol free and facilitate digestion and weight loss. Tender coconut water are more nutritious than mature coconut water. It contains lauric acid which is considered equivalent to […]

Healthy, Main Course

Vegetable Masala Masoor Dal

This dal recipe is made by combining masoor dal with vegetables like cauliflower and carrot. Its a very quick, wholesome and satiating side dish and tastes heavenly with hot phulkas. Masoor Dal contains high levels of protein, including essensial amino acids isoleucine and lysine. Carrots are rich source of beta-carotene […]

Desserts, Healthy

Atte ka Sheera

This tasty and healthy sweet is made from whole wheat flour and sugar syrup. It tastes better with coarsely ground wheat flour. Atta halwa is a great way to introduce wheat in your baby’s diet as it is very delicious and easy to swallow.This can also be served to children […]