Bengali Bhaja Masala

Bengali Bhaja Masala

Bhaja masala is an essential and regularly used spice blend in a bengali kitchen. This masala powder is a regular one and can be used in both veg and non veg curries. It has a very strong flavor and is used usually at the end of cooking. It really enhances the taste of dum aloo, chorchori, ghonto, fish kalia etc. Try this bhaja masala as nothing can beat flavor and aroma of homemade masala powder.

Servings: 50 g


  • Coriander seeds  28 g
  • Cumin Seeds  24 g
  • Black Cardamom  2
  • Bay Leaf  2-3
  • Red Chillies  3
  • Black Pepper  5-6


  1. Roast all the ingredients in a pan and pound them to powder.


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