Author: Lipika Dutta


Aloo Mooli ke Parathe

Aloo mooli paratha is a very popular breakfast in North India. It tastes great and is perfectly nutritious. Mooli or radishes are very good for the stomach and liver. It purifies the blood and eliminates toxin and waste. Hence, it acts as a detoxifier also. Potatoes on the other hand […]


Cheese Egg Open Sandwich

Egg is a super health food that can be prepared in many interesting ways. Cheese egg open sandwich is a simple recipe with poached egg, cheese, some mixed herbs, chilli flakes, onions and bread. Eggs are a good source of high quality protein.They are also rich in Vitamin B2, selenin, […]

Desserts, Healthy

Atte ka Sheera

This tasty and healthy sweet is made from whole wheat flour and sugar syrup. It tastes better with coarsely ground wheat flour. Atta halwa is a great way to introduce wheat in your baby’s diet as it is very delicious and easy to swallow.This can also be served to children […]

Breakfast, Healthy

Sprouts and Daliya Pulao

The pulao is made with daliya, moong sprouts and seasoned with pure ghee and fresh mint leaves. Daliya or bulgar wheat is a good source of fibre, protein, iron and Vitamin B6. Moong sprouts are high on protein, low in fat and have high fibre content. Made with minimum ingredients, […]

Breakfast, Healthy

Daliya Upma

Daliya upma is highly nutritious, satisfying and easy to make. Daliya or bulgar wheat is low in fat, high in minerals and provides you a good dose of dietary fibre required for your stomach and heart health. Daliya, combined with vegetables makes a wholesome meal for your breakfast. Preparation Time: […]