Month: August 2017



Ganesh Chaturthi today…… birthday of Lord Ganesha. Celebration would be incomplete without his favourite sweet Modak, another delicacy of Maharashtra. It is said that any offering to Ganesha is incomplete without the Modaks. Modak is a sweet rice dumpling stuffed with coconut, jaggery, poppy seeds and some dry fruits. The […]

Healthy, Main Course

Konkani Chana Ghashi

Konkani cuisine is one of the most delicious cuisines you could come across India. The use of coconut in food here is very popular giving it a very characteristic taste that can be easily recognized. Chana Ghashi is a curry usually prepared for wedding and festivals. Black chana is paired […]

Bengali Recipe, Desserts

Baked Rasgulla

Baked rasgulla is a delicious twist to the traditional rasmalai. Its not very common outside Bengal and Orissa. I ate this amazingly delicious dessert in Kolkata two years back. I happened to be there for my cousin’s marriage and I got to get a taste of it. In this recipe, […]