Month: January 2017

Healthy, Soups & Snacks

Spinach Patties

Spinach Patty is a nutritious finger food that can be served as a starter or a tea time snack. These patties can also be used in burger, sandwiches or even kathi rolls and packed in your kid’s lunch box. It is made by combining chana dal, paneer and spinach. Its […]

Soups & Snacks

Spicy Stuffed Potato

This is an excellent side dish that goes well with lunch as well as dinner or even by itself.They are easy to make too. Potatoes are baked, hollowed out, stuffed with some interesting filling and again baked with some grated cheese on top. Cheesy butter melting on top makes these […]

Healthy, Soups & Snacks

Multani Mushroom

Multan is a bustling city in the Punjab province of Pakistan and like every other Pakistan city, has a drool worthy culinary history. The Multani Mushroom is one such preparation from Multan.¬†Mushrooms are not only good for immunity but are also helpful in weight loss. Try your hand at this […]

Bengali Recipe, Desserts

Gokul Pithe

Gokul Pithe is made during Sankranti along with other bengali delicacies like doodh puli and patishapta. Along with sankranti, they are also prepared in Janmashtami. The filling is mostly made with desiccated coconut and jaggery. These sweet balls are dipped in maida and milk paste, deep fried and finally soaked […]


Gulab Jamun Upside Down Cake

Had some leftover gulab jamuns in my fridge for last couple of days. These have been staring at me, each time I opened my fridge and was wondering how to put them to good use. Yesterday was my husband’s birthday so what would have been better option than using them […]


Chana Dal Halwa

Chana Dal Halwa is a delicious Indian recipe served as a dessert. It comes from Mughal cuisine which makes it sinfully tasty. It is an aromatic sweet that is loaded with ghee, chana dal, milk, sugar and nuts. Milk soaked saffron lends a beautiful colour and aroma to this halwa. […]